Table of Contents

Unlocking your global potential one language at a time

Site Layout: How to navigate this website

  1. Home
    • Welcome
    • Why Access With Languages?
    • Table of Contents
  2. Professional Information
    • English
    • Deutsch – German
    • Français – French
    • Русский – Russian
  3. Tutoring
  4. Student Accessibility
    • Study Abroad
    • Internships
    • Books on Accessibility
    • Motivational Speeches and Quotes
    • Book Recommendations on Other Topics
  5. Language Books & Resources
    • Film Reviews
      • Film Studies: My Essays
    • News and Current Events
    • Featured Articles

Sections’ snapshot: What to expect in each Section

Home: This section contains 3 parts. In the Welcome post I have a short greeting. Next there is a Why Access With Languages post explaining my reasons for creating this website and what I am striving to accomplish with Access With Languages. Lastly under this section I created a Table of Contents to explain the layout of this site. I do have a Contacts page which is located as a separate page under the Home page. Under the contacts page I provide an email, which is the best way to contact me.

Professional Information: This section contains 4 parts; each corresponding to the 4 languages I know (English, Deutsch-German, français-French, and Русккий-Russian). In each of the languages I display my resume and 3 small paragraphs describing my education, professional experience, and my career plan.

Tutoring: This section is currently still under construction, however, I intend on using this section display my availability as a freelance tutor in regards to:

  • What subjects I can tutor
  • Possible modes of service delivery,
  • Pricing & Payment Method
  • Length of session
  • How to contact me

Student Accessibility: In my Masters degree, I will be shifting my focus from languages to college student affairs, student accessibility, and counseling so I intend to use this page to display information related to higher education accessibility for medically challenged students. Subsequently under this section I will have Study Abroad and Internship sections, in which I will post information related to accessibility needs while abroad as a student or intern. Under Student Accessibility, I will also post about/link to Books on Accessibility as it relates to higher education accessibility and career accessibility. Under this section I am alsodedicating one of the subsequent pages to Motivational Speeches and Quotes. Lastly under this Student Accessibility section, I am creating another books section. Although I focus on language learning and academic/professional accessibility; the books in the Book Recommendations on Other Topics are on topics related to career development in a variety of ways.

Language Books & Resources: In addition to the front page of this section, there are 5 pages under this particular section. On the main page titled Language Books and Resources I will post links to books, videos and other online resources that I have found to be helpful as I have gone through my undergraduate studies in foreign languages. During my time at the College of Charleston as a foreign languages student, Film Studies played a critical role in my grasping of the linguistic and cultural aspects of the countries, that I was studying. I will post information about some of these films and also I intend to share my film analysis essays on some of my favorite films from around the world particularly spanning the German speaking, French speaking and Russian speaking world. At this time, almost all of my film essays are written in the target language and have not been translated into English yet. In the News and Current Events section I plan to post links to various current event topics. The Featured Articles section contains currently one interview that I gave about my Critical Languages Scholarship experience in Russia in the Summer of 2018. I look forward to adding to this section as my career progresses in the areas of language learning, study abroad, student accessibility, and career development for medically challenged students.

**** In addition to text on the pages in the drop down menus, the font pages of each section mentioned above have text on them as well. ***

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